Recently I have run onto what, I feel, is one of the best Sex advice websites on the net.  I have fancied myself as a decent lover for most of my years here on this earth but I am always willing to learn new stuff.  One of my remembrances was my dad saying to me one day that young people think they know all about sex but they don't.  This has lead me to look into such things as Kama Sutra and Tantric sex, as well as reading any and all writings about female orgasms.  

Then I ran into this website from a gal who was giving advice on sexual activities, techniques and perspective from a woman's point of view.  The fact that it was a woman's point of view was intriguing to me.  The more I read her stuff the more I realized that she truly was giving good advice and not just rhetoric to make a buck from.  She has a whole book devoted to the female orgasm, another on Oral Sex techniques and Another on Fingering.  She also covers Anal intercourse, fun in the shower, Forbidden Toys, Wet Orgasms.

It covers such topics as the various types of orgasms and how they are accomplished.  She spends a significant amount of time showing how the female orgasm is very illusive in a relationship caused by a lack of perspective to many details that keep a woman from experiencing the Big O.  I found this website very very insightful and informative.  After a couple of decades of marriage I found new techniques that really worked on my wife.  She has always had orgasms with me but I wondered if I could improve my technique or at least be able to do something new in our relationship.

Sure enough she pointed out a technique about messaging the outside of the labia and clitoris without penetration that drove my wife a little crazy.  It was really fun.

If you're at all interested in new techniques and focuses on the male/female relationship then this website is for you.  Scroll down for the Link.


I want to relate to you my personal experience with this website. One of the Orgasmic techniques is to concentrate on striking the right angle inside the vagina to hit the G-spot directly and then apply another technique to accomoplish a squirting orgasm. I thought I'd try this and just see if it worked. I had two occasions where I tried one technique and then the other technique on another occasion. After both occasions my wife exclaimed that she had a special experience. The first occasion brought a more loving wife over several days subsequent. On the 2nd occasion immediately afterwards she was exclaiming that she had experienced some very new sensations she had never had before. Mind you now, we have been married for many years and she has always said she enjoys sex with me and I always make sure she has a clitoral orgasm before we come together. She usually has a vaginal orgasm as well, but on the occasions above something new was experienced by her. It always improves the relationship when she is thoughly satisfied. The point is that these techniques really do work. I would encourage all to investigate her website.

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