hot pad flat

Wench Kit

This is a the Famous Captains Wench in Kit form

This hanger will handle upwards of 15 pounds:

Fully adjustable to any size girth

Comes in kit form with graphical instructions

Includes wench clamps as pictured

Theraband included (not shown).

Price: 25.00 + S&H
Bungee Bungee Cord

Here is what you need to do Straight Out hanging

This Bungee has a tape measure attached for reading stress levels

Comes with a calibration chart for determining how much weight your pulling

Price: $22.95
Door Bracket Door Anchior Bracket:

This is a bracket that will let you hang from what ever angle you wish

This Bracket requires:

no screws

no clamps

It can be moved to obtain differenet angles in just seconds

Price: $8.95
Click here for more bracket pictures


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