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Here are some pictures that will give some perspective on my systems

7Wedfge Rings

7 Wedge Rings

This picture shows 7 Wedge Rings installed on a penis.  This is a non typical amount to wear.  There is not much room for the wrap to be installed.  Each ring weighs 10oz and so the total weight is more than 4lbs 5oz

Notice the bottom ring has a Velcro strip mounted to it for the application of a sheath.  Sheaths serve a multiple purpose in that the glan is very vulnerable to being bruised by bumping into things such a table edge.  It also prevents chaffing on pant seams and leg hair and It will also keep the glan warm.

merh 7 Wedge Rings and Sheath added

This Picture shows the Sheath installed

Air Clamp mounted Air Clamp:

Pumped up tight , harder then a normal erection.

With the corpus cavernosa under this kind of pressure, growth is unavoidable.  

With the ability to release pressure in a second and then pump up again, you can do many sets in a short period of time.

Just remember the 10 minute rule.  Don't keep the pressure up for more then 10 minute intervals to prevent discoloration of the dermal layers

Air Clamp 10 min Penis after 10 min with Air clamp:

This is what a typical penis looks like after 10 minutes.  Oxygen has been depleated and needs to be refreshed.  Accomplished by releasing pressure and waiting 5 minutes or until pink again






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