Activities related to penis enlargement, including but not limited to hanging weights from your penis, can be hazardous

  • Weight Rings are a new device with limited testing, and the effects of its long- or short-term use have not been determined

  • Even the correct use of Weight Rings may result in injury

  • Each individual's body is unique. Increases in penis size are NOT guaranteed

  • The makers of the penis weights will NOT be held liable for ANYTHING related to their use, including but not limited to injury or product ineffectiveness

  • Penis enlargement (PE) involves significant risk. YOU and only you are responsible for assuming that risk. The makers of PE wieghts accepts NO responsibility. Make NO warranties (express or implied), and will NOT be held liable for the safety or efficacy of these products--whether or not it is used in accordance with it's intended function.

  • Purchase and or use of these products constitutes acceptance of these terms


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