I began PE with the usual Jelq and stretching exercises and realized that if I were to achieve the gains I was after, hanging of some form or another would have to be incorporated into my schedule. I began with what is called a Captain's wench and progressed to a full fledged Bib Hanger. Still there was something missing as my study of PE revealed that time was an element that could not be ignored. I had to come up with some way to extend my hanging time. My schedule with family and work would not allow for enough privacy. Then I became aware of what was referred to as Golf Weights. They were just the thing but they came with problems.

1st they were hard to find. Not all golf shops carried them and most sporting goods stores didn't have them either.
Wal-Mart however did have them at certain stores, not all.

2nd they were not very heavy but if I could get enough of them on I could get enough weight that they might do something.

3rd they pinched the skin. Boy was that a bad experience. That problem had to be remedied.

4th Although they could be worn with loose fitting pants, they could be seen between the legs when sitting.

All these problems could be overcome hence this site and it's products.

One of the great advantages of golf rings is the ability to wear them for many hours. They might need occasional rewrapping but for the most part can be worn all day. At my job I am up and down during the day but the traction wrap effect keeps pressure on the penis even while sitting.

I've learned from experience that usage of talcom powder is advantagous over grease type lubes. Lubs can dry out and cause skin to stick and pinch. Powder remains a lubricant after many hours of use.



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