New Products  

These are new products to my line.  

I put things on here I personally think are of high quality.  What I tell you about these products is my own testimony.
I may use the Products own words but only if they reflect truth. In other words no hyp here

Enlarged Rings

NEW Enlarged Rings

If you have been on this site in the past you know that I have always had an Enlarged Ring in my product line.  These Rings have been redesigned to enable more people to use them.     The old Rings inside diameter  were very large and only about 1% of the population could use them.   These rings are 1 3/8" inside diameter so they will work well for those who measure over 6" in stretched flaccid girth.  They weigh in at 13oz so they are 30% heavier then the Standard Wedge Ring which weighs 10oz..  If you want more weight these babies will give it to you no problem.

Enlarged ring = 20.99         End Ring with sheath = 26.89

hot pad flat

hot pad rolled

Hot Pads  With TheraBeads

This is a Microwavable Hot pad like you have never experienced. I was skeptical about it doing what it claimed because my climate in Utah is so dry. These things actually lived up to their claim that they produced MOIST heat. They would work even better in a humid climate. They can't be used as often as other pads because they shouldn't be reheated within 2 hours to let them aquire moisture again but they last a very long time and the Moist heat feature really adds to heat penitration.  The beads don't change and can be reheated an indefinite  number times

These pads are 5X12 inches which is not the perfect size but they will work around many applications from initial warm up to heat during hanging sessions.

Price: 14.00
merh MERH

This is a product that my wife and I have been using for years now.  I just decided that I needed to share this with you. Unlike Petroleum jelly, it is not sticky.  It does, however, look like Petroleum Jelly, 
but when applied to the body it melts.  Not into anything like you have previously experienced, but a very smooth silky like texture.  We've tried Eros, too slippery.  KY, disappears quickly.  Astroglide, again too slippery and it gets sticky in time.
This stuff is right in between and we love it.

A jar is 8 OZ and will last a great deal of time if used sparingly. Ours has lasted for months.

Price: $15.00
pillow Merh Pillow:
This is the idenical stuff as above but in a 1oz pillow.  I don't have a an unlimited supply of these at the moment  so while supply lasts. They're nice for trips.
Price: $3.50
pillow Door Bracket:

This is a bracket that will let you hang from what ever angle you wish

Click below for more pictures

Bracket Pictures
Price: $8.95




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