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For the sake of reference: the standard golf ring you can buy on the open market weighs 5.35 oz and has an inside diameter of 1 inches

standard_ring Standard Ring:
This ring is the same size as the standard golf weight, however it is made of 100% lead coated in plastic. It weighs 90% more weighing in at 9.95oz. The inside diameter is 1"
Price: Not Available because they will pinch the skin.
RingCompare PEWeights

These are the Rings that work. The top ones are the Stealth Rings, the bottom are the Wedge RIngs.  This is for comparison.  You might not see a lot of difference but they are significanly different in mass.  The Stealth Ring is 30% smaller in weight  and outside girth measurement is 6.5"  Wedge Rings outside girth is 7.4

If you want to see how the system works Click Here. You'll need to have VLC media player or equivilant

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wedged ring Wedged Ring:
This ring is designed to reduce skin pinch. It has a chamfered inside hole and the outside of the ring has been squared to increase it's weight. When this weight is stacked it forms a smooth tube. It weighs in at 10 oz. Inside diameter=1"  For use up to 5" girth flaccid
Price: $17.99
end ring Wedge End Ring:
This ring is intended for use as the last ring before the wrap. It has a tapered outside shape to the end to provide for a more stealth look. The outside diameter blends with the Wedged Ring. It weighs in at 10 oz Inside diameter=1"

Price: $17.99
           $23.89 w/Sheath

wedged ring Enlarged Ring:
This ring is designed for the guy who has a large flaccid girth. It measures 13/8" inside and weighs in at 13oz
This unit can handle girths exceeding 6" flaccid. Note: Be sure your girth is measured in the stretched flaccid state.
Price: $20.99
enlarged end ring Enlarged End Ring:

This ring is intended for use as the last ring before the wrap. It has a tapered shape to the end to provide for it to sit on the wrap squarely. It weighs in at 13oz. Inside diameter=13/8"

Price: $20.99
           $26.89 w/Sheath

StealthWedge Stealth Ring:
This ring is designed to give maximum Stealth.  This Ring is the same ID as the Wedge @1.25"ID  Where the  Wedge Ring is 7.4" Girth, this Ring is 6.5"  The weight of this unit is 7oz .  The thickness of the Ring is the same as the Wedge, 3/4".  You will need more of these to get the same weight as the Wedge Rings
Price: 17.99
StealthEnd Stealth End Ring:
This ring is designed to be the mate to the Stealth Ring. Order either with a Sheath or no Sheath. The sheath is recommended for long duration wearing

Price: $17.99
           $23.89 w/Sheath

gland sheath Glan Sheath:
This sheath acts to protect your gland from rubbing on the inside of your pants or against the hair on your legsand will also protect your glans from bumps while under pressure with a stack of rings on.. It is made of cotton polyester. Is breathable, and washable. It fits around the end ring with Velcro. Note:This shows an End Ring fitted with velcro for the sheath to attach to. .
Price: $7.99 Discounted if purchased with an End ring
wench clamp Wench Clamp:
These are the clamps that can used for Clamping exercises or to create a Captain's Wench hanger.
Price: $2.95
Turn-Key clamp Turn-Key Clamp:
These are hose clamps with a really nice turn key that is removable and reusable. Makes for quick on and off without carrying a large tool. No more struggle for that last click.
Price: $3.45
Air_Clamp Air Clamp:

This is a pneumatic version of a cable or hose clamp. These are so easy to use. Pull yourself flaccid, wrap around your shaft at the base. Tighten the valve and give one pump. Now get yourself 80% erect and slide the unit toward your pelvic. Now pump until you ach if you want.  Fits girths from 4 to 6 inches. Email me if your larger. I have a large girth design

Price: $59.95 Free Shipping to the Continental US
Price: $0.50
theraband TheraBand:
This is the famous Theraband that we use for a wrap while hanging. It is 5 1/2" wide. Black type, the thickest for skin protection and durability.  Cut into strips for wrapping  under your hanger.
Price: $2.50 per foot (2ft minimum, less just doesn't work)
coban tape Coban Tape:
This tape is designed to stretch and stick to itself but not to skin. I personally will testify of it's great qualities that fits our needs. 1" x 5yds (stretched)"  A great wrap to keep the weights on.
Price per roll: $3.79
Velco One-Wrap:
This stuff is great for constructing a Captains Wench. It has the hook on one side and the loop on the other. It doesn't end up as thick or as stiff  as sticky-back loop and hook tape. I have it in 2", 1" and 3/4". Just order by the foot.
Price per foot 3/4": $2.10
Price per foot 1": $3.49 (for Mini-Wench's or Wenchett's)
Price per foot 2": $3.90
grippers Grippers:
For constructing a Captains Wench. This is the original stuff. I sell it by the strip 1"X 4" with sticky back for mounting velcro
Price per strip: $1.75
wench clamp Calibrated Bungee Cord:

Want to do Straight out (SO) or Straight up (SU) hanging?  This Bungee is just the thing.  It comes with a tape measure attached and a calibration sheet that tells you what weight your pulling from any angle.

P.S. if you need an anchor see the HANGERS AND ACCESSORIES page for a door bracket that lets you hang from any angle.

Price: $22.95
Scunci Headwrap

Scunci Headwrap model 17906-A:  No longer made. 
I have an equivalent product..

These are the HTW's talked about on Thunder's. Unfortunately they are no longer manufactured and I can not find any vender with any stock.  I can provide an equivalent headband. They are slightly bigger but work the same way.  They come as a band that you cut in half to give you 2 pieces. Shown here mounted on a dildo, they can be used for a hanging wrap or an ADS wrap. They come 2 per order so you actually get four when cut in half. No choice of color.
Price: 2 bands / $2.70

hot pad flat

hot pad rolled

Hot Pads  With TheraBeads

This is a Microwavable Hot pad like you have never experienced. I was skeptical about it doing what it claimed because my climate in Utah is so dry. These things actually lived up to their claim that they produced MOIST heat. They would work even better in a humid climate. They can't be used as often as other pads because they shouldn't be reheated within 2 hours to let them aquire moisture again but they last a very long time and the Moist heat feature really adds to heat penitration.  The beads don't change and can be reheated an indefinite  number times

These pads are 5X12 inches which is not the perfect size but they will work around many applications from initial warm up to heat during hanging sessions.

Price: 14.00

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